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About Global Angels

The Global Angels Foundation is an international development organisation, inspiring disadvantaged communities around the world to transform sustainably.

Global Angels draws together a vast network of Angels, people like you and me, with a passion to make a difference. Putting their passion into action, the Angels donate time, energy, skills and funds. Together we are building an effective response to provide the most vulnerable communities with resources and tools to thrive. Drawing on an international team of professionals and volunteers, Global Angels works closely with carefully chosen local partners, providing vision, mission and strategy, alongside on-the-ground management support, our expertise and funding helps to build long-term capacity and sustainability in each community project.

The Commitment 

From Its Inception, Global Angels made a bold promise to the general public – that every penny of their donation would go directly to on-the-ground projects providing tangible resources to transform communities.

Pioneering a new model of charity, they knew the 100% promise was core to who they are and would become. They promised to fund our operating expense another way.

100% Promise

Global Angels can deliver the 100% promise because their dedicated angel club members, and corporate angels donate the funds to cover their offices, staff costs and our project visits. In kind angels provide our website and marketing as gifts In kind, and everything else, right down to the pens, paper and printer ink they use every day! These donors are a vital part of their angel team and see their investment of time, skills, finances and in-kind donation as essential in building Global Angels's long term vision, making it possible to develop and grow the charity.  With their partnership they are able to deliver our 100% promise each year!

So....lovely action taker... when you purchase our products we allocate a part of the money directly to the project in tsavo!

Weather you by a course or the Fashion Designer Toolkit, you are making a difference! 

We teamed with the Global Angels Foundation - an amazing charity founded by Molly Bedingfield. The charity does incredible work providing access to water, energy and education to over 2000 people. (More Detail Below)

We donate money to help them build undercover stalls to enable local entrepreneurs to trade and expand their business safely. Every purchase from Fashion Production Academy, including yours, will make a difference. So, thank you!

We Make A Living By What We Get, But We Make A Life By What We Give. 

-Winston Churchill

The Global Angels Tsavo Project

A Blueprint For Rural Communities to Transform Sustainably

Global Angels are now fully engaged in creating a scalable model of community transformation in the Itinyi Valley, one of the most disadvantaged and beautiful areas of rural Kenya. Initially focusing on a community of 2,000 people, they aim to roll the project out across the valley reaching 20,000 people in the next five years. Their aim is to develop methods that can be replicated in other parts of Kenya, and around the world. 

Our success stories so far:

The Itinyi Valley lies in an area 35 miles long by 5 miles wide known as the Kasigau Corridor, between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks in Kenya. Typically, in this semi-arid area, with families living off small holdings of only 1-4 acres, there are serious issues of deforestation, soil erosion, dangerous and unpredictable flooding in the valley below. Until recently, there has been little investment in water collection and storage, in terracing land or in sustainable farming methods, thus keeping the community in the cycle of poverty.

Global Angels began working in this valley after discovering that women and children were typically walking 10-15 km a day to fetch water from open-to-the-air rainwater catchments, which are muddy and shared with livestock. They found that young people had little opportunity for work of further education and very often women were found carrying the load of providing for their multigenerational family.


Being a semi-arid region, families have difficulty producing sustainable crops. Global Angels is developing a 24-acre organic model farm with water pans, shade houses, poultry project and a mill process that can two tons of grain a day and provide sustenance all year round. Through introducing diverse and drought resistant crops suited to the area, families can achieve the required nutrition levels for a family.


Farms can generate surplus produce as “cash crops” that can be sold locally, tapping into the high demand for milled produce, poultry meat and eggs.

Soil and Trees

By terracing the land Global Angels are reversing soil degradation and improving the moisture content in the fields. They’ve launched an indigenous tree planting project, as well as testing nutritious crops that are suitable for the soil composition of the area.



The Academy for Sustainable Community is teaching team building and leadership skills, sustainable land and water resource techniques, organic crop and poultry farming to schools and farmers.



Providing easy access to water is one of Global Angels's main priorities, and they’ve been developing the means to help the community to collect and store rainwater for agriculture and household needs.


The Global Angels Network

Global Angels is developing an inclusive community business model, working closely with local subsistence farmers, providing access to zero % interest loans for seed and small business development.


You may prefer to donate directly..... Please follow the link!

How working with The Fashion Production Academy Matters



With every purchase you make, you are actively supporting the Tsavo Project on the ground. We donate money to help them build undercover stalls to enable local entrepreneurs to trade and expand their business safely. Every purchase from Fashion Production Academy will make a difference, including yours. So, thank you very much for helping us support them!


Stepping Up

Making Global Angels the charity we support, we are encouraging others to "step up, be an Angel".  We love and encourage the work and are committed in spreading the word. We are connected to a group of women in Tsavo, helping with feeding their families by supporting their businesses. With our ongoing commitment, we are hoping to contribute to a movement of kindness :-)

Back to your business :-) Here is how this works....


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Nailya Belkacemi


Nailya Belkacemi

We teamed up with the Global Angels Foundation - an amazing charity founded by Molly Bedingfield. The charity does incredible work providing access to water, energy and education to over 2000 people.

I have always wanted to build a business that benefits others by providing my expertise and know how and at the same time inspires and supports those who otherwise wouldn't have had any help at all. 

I have had the privilege of running a fashion manufacturing business for many years and therefore know firsthand the difficulties you can encounter as an entrepreneur. I hope you feel inspired and get all the help you need for your own journey.  

Nailya xx

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