our Founder and CEO

Her Story

Nailya’s business acumen and technical skills are impeccable. Over the past 2 decades, she has taken various roles and worked with many start-ups and well-established fashion houses, helping them to take their brand to the next level by improving product quality and workflow and further honing her skills. Together with her team, they work with the most prominent design talents of our times, dress up A-listers and politicians. Outfits made at Plus Samples are showcased on the most prestigious catwalk shows and worn by first ladies of the US and UK. Nailya says that she has never envisaged that her little venture that started in a spare room of her flat would be such a success.

She started working as a pattern cutter for a high street supplier, and her entry into high fashion was quite random and not planned. It was almost 2 decades ago when she went on maternity leave. Overwhelmed with guilt that she would have to leave her son and go back to work that She loved, she found a solution - freelancing. She started helping fashion students and start-up brands with creating their first collection. 

Quickly the word spread around and there was more demand than she could manage. She teamed with a sample machinist to help her to manage the workflow, and the rest is history.

She admits that she made many mistakes, especially right at the start. There was no sense of direction or business planning. 

She acknowledges that for the first few years her business was growing, because of her dedication and hard work.  When she started recruiting her team, she was looking for the same qualities in people. The skills were important, but the most important is passion and efforts to get better and better at what you do. 

Now, reflecting back on her journey, she says that it shouldn’t have been that hard, and it could have been faster if she had the correct framework, business planning and mentoring support. 

Still passionate about fashion production, she wants to help emerging designers and start-up fashion brands not to repeat her mistakes and start building a business with a strong foundation for success from the get-go. She created a platform, Fashion Production Academy, to enable her to spread her message and support fashion brands beyond facilitating their production and product development. She saw how her clients got overwhelmed and confused by the complexity of the supply chain. Not only that, but she noticed that there are many mentors and consultants out there, but none of them has practical and extensive production experience. She couldn’t stay indifferent, and the Academy was born. She is not shy of hard work and prepared to work tirelessly to build a platform that offers all-around support to fashion designers and responds to their current demands.