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'Tech Pack - how to avoid common mistakes'

Upcoming Events 

April 2022

Masterclass: Grading 101

Date and time:  21 April 2021   ? 8PM GMT/UTC

Location and Duration: Online / approx.  60 min

Cost: £50 (Free to those who purchase the Toolkit from the Fashion Production Academy). 

Event Description:  We will be covering grading rules and the following subjects: 

  • Understand mechanics and theory of grading
  • What are the exact steps
  • Look at the most common mistakes designers make when grading patterns
  • Why do we need to get grading right
  • Eliminate garment fitting issues
  • Avoid production problems and downtime

To Register Your Interest And Stay Updated, follow the Link. 


May 2022

We will announce the next masterclass shortly! Stay tuned!
Date and time: TBC  ? 8 Pm GMT/UTC

Location and Duration: Online / approx.  60 min

Event Description:  TBC

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I think your masterclass was insane! I learnt so much in one hour! So many takeaways!!! Thank you so much!

I can't wait for the next one. Can I work 1-2-1 with you?


Thank you for  your brilliant masterclass! It was really interesting and informative and I look forward to attending the next one :-)


Having studied Fashion Buying & Merchandising at UAL's London College of Fashion, my course lacked some of the design knowledge I needed to help develop my aspiring brand. Tech packs were one of the grey areas for me so I wanted to learn more and how to do them correctly!


Hey Nailya, just wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to that webinar! So so helpful, I've pr ordered the toolkit as I had thought I was ready to approach manufacturers with my little tech pack and I now realise just how much work I've got to do!!

Thanks again and I'll look forward to the next one.  


Thank you Nailya! It was wonderful to attend the webinar! Looking forward to more! :-)


Great overview and insight into what is required from a Tech Pack, especially from the perspective of a manufacturer, so it has been extremely useful! The templates available were also a helpful tool to practically learn.

As someone not from design beackground, I'm not aware of all the technical terms that were used during the training. 


Nearly talked myself out of joining as my youngest was playing up but so glad I made it. Brilliant course, starting to understand why manufacturers have been a little off with me :-)


This was a very informative session and thanks for answering my question on UK vs offshore sampling/production for startups.


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