Fashion Events Calendar

Hundreds of Trade shows

and Textile Exhibitions

around the globe in one place.

Sourcing Trade shows, buying and Selling events, textile Exhibitions...

 All in one place. 

 Connect to all the major  events for the global fashion industry!

We have done all the legwork so you don't have to! 

We have put hundreds of events around the world in one Excel sheet. Our fashion events calendar is a super useful and essential tool for anyone in the fashion Industry. Networking and staying connected to what is going on in the industry is vital. 

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Sourcing and sales fashion events are places where you can connect to people in the Fashion industry, get inspired and accelerate your business.

With over 300 major industry events in our fashion calendar, it may seem a bit overwhelming.

Our Fashion Calendar Can Safe You A Lot Of Time - Here Is How:

Fashion Calendar is divided into regions.

- The calendar is divided into regions.

Whether it is online events or trade-shows you are looking for, we have put it all together for you in one easy to see document. Divided into regions of the world, you will be able to instantly see which shows you need to focus on to network.

- The type of audience is clearly outlined for every fashion event.

You can see at a glance whether this event is right for you or not, spending even less time on research.

 Spend your time researching the companies that are exhibiting, identify who you'd like to meet during the show.
prepare a list of questions and a "shopping list".  Have something to jot down your notes.

- There are all the website or contact details for every event listed, so you can contact an organiser in one click.

It's all there for you, no need to search for contact information

- Find the right supplier fast by searching with keywords.

Available keywords: Leather and Footwear, Home Textiles, Apparel, Fabrics, Accessories, Dyes and Chemicals, Machinery, Yarn, Buyer, Wholesalers / Dealers, Manufacturers, Corporate Decision makers, Marketing Professionals, Media and many others.

You can find out more about Fashion Events and Exhibitions and pick up a few useful tips  from our blog post  "The Importance of Fabric Sourcing and Attending Textile Trade Shows".

Save hours and hours of online research.

It costs less than your weekly coffee.


Would you be updating calendar events?

Yes, we are updating this calendar twice a year, and you are entitled to receive free updates with your purchase. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the updates and receive your copy.

We do not share your information with a third party. Read our Privacy Policy here.

What regions do you cover in the calendar?

This calendar covers worldwide events, and we separated them into the following regions:



Asia and Pacific


Middle East

Digital and online events

What type of shows and exhibitions do you have in the calendar?

Both types of events: sourcing and selling are included and arranged so that you can clearly identify them.

What if I'm not satisfired with the calendar?

Please get in touch with us at, and tell us what you're not happy with, and we will try to get it right. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, we are unable to issue a refund after download. Please, refer to our  Terms and Conditions to find out more.

Can you post a physical copy to my home/business address?

Currently, we have only a digital version available and do not plan to create a physical product.

Can you help me with my sourcing and sales?

We have a range of services and support available, follow this link to find out more.

Email Us if you have Further questions

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