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Why go to professionals?

Curious about Why Go to Professionals? Read below for information and a guide! I was once told that an amateur will practice a task until they can do it correctly. A professional will keep practicing the task so that they do not get it wrong. That is the difference when you use a professional service.

Mentor of fashion production

For example, I have been talking with an acquaintance who requires clothing product services.  They have found someone to do this, who is charging them between 30% – 50% less than the job should cost.  But the charge is only for basic design & tech pack, and I know that they are going to have to pay much more to get their job completed, as they will then need to find a pattern cutter to make the pattern and then find a factory ( or a seamstress ) to make the first sample.  If this proceeds without a hitch, great!  If not then they will have to make additional payments if the sample/pattern doesn’t meet their required specification.  They think that they are getting a bargain!  I hope that they are, but my experience tells me that they might not!

The Problem:

The first sample construction is incorrect.

The Solution:

I prefer to get design, tech pack and at least a pattern done by the same person, and first sample also, if at all possible.  In that way if there should be a problem with the construction of the first sample it is easier and quicker to get it resolved.   No one wants to get into a conversation about who is responsible when something goes wrong.  Was the sketch drawn incorrectly?  Was the tech pack imprecise?  Is the pattern wrong?  Is the first sample inaccurate or poorly constructed?   If multiple services are used, each can blame the other – resulting in wasting your time, and of course you will be charged for each extra amendment, wasting your money!

Additionally, I believe, that when dealing with a new design it is usual for a number of amendments to be made, as products look different when made up in material than when they are sketched on paper.  Furthermore, designers frequently change their minds when seeing their creations made up for the first time.

Granted that when using a professional service, you might initially pay more, but you will be paying less in the long run.  You are paying a premium to use experienced professionals and this does cost money.   The point that I am trying to make is that you will be paying the same price in the end, it is up to you how you do it!

We all like a bargain but you only get what you pay for!

how to be a fashion consultant

When you use a professional for any service you get

  • Someone who can do a job that you are unable to do for yourself
  • Experience and knowledge
  • A task carried out efficiently and correctly
  • Benefit of learning the difference between getting it right and doing it wrong
  • Skill & expertise
  • Someone who will explain to you what process they will work to, and how they will do this in a realistic way
  • A professional who feels that they have a duty of care to their client, an Amateur will treat the work they do for you as just a transaction.

Why Go to Professionals DO

  • Listen and Argue
  • Create and Change Your Mind
  • Learn and Communicate
  • Query The Process and Respect Your Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Appreciate that you are responsible for your actions
  • Make sure that you have sufficient funding to complete your project

Why Go to Professionals DON’T

  • Stick with a viewpoint when you realise it is wrong
  • Confuse kindness for weakness
  • Be lazy
  • Underestimate your costs


that we all make mistakes but a professional, through their experience and knowledge, will be able to assess risks in advance, when evaluating your product or project.  A professional can advise and help you to avoid unnecessary errors, which are usually time consuming and expensive.

When purchasing services from a professional make sure that you know precisely what you are getting, and when you will be getting it, and what information you will have to provide to enable this.  Additionally, it is important that you know what the service will cost and when you will have to pay for it.

Our Summary

By the way, we offer a number of options that enable you to work closely with the industry insiders. Starting from a budget-friendly membership in our fashion Production Academy and finishing with a powerful one-to-one Cure and Prevent Package. There is something to choose for everyone. If you have further questions about our one-to-one support or fashion production Academy membership feel free to get in touch with us via email support@fashionproduction.academy. We will be happy to assist you. Read here for more updates.

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